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During almost 10 years, at 4cBiotech (continuous cell culture and expanded bed capture), then Henogen , "from gene to clinical product" and finally at Novasep (insourcing, chromatography), Didier has dealt with the high complexity of the biologics clinical supply, acquiring and maintaining with his team a growing pool of satisfied European and US clients, mixing first in man biotech companies up to phase III clinical trials for big pharmas.

The diversity of the manufactured products e.g. monoclonal antibodies, antigen and live vaccines, fusion proteins, viral vectors, microbials, etc., expression tools (CHO, HEK, Hybridomas, NS0, VERO, MDCK cells, E. coli, Pichia, S. cereviziae, etc.), processes (batch, perfusion), and scales ( 1-1000L, stainless steel & disposable stirred tanks ) from the gene to the Drug Product, therefore including the Fill & Finish, batch release and stability studies, has granted Didier a wide and adaptable expertise, capable of advising biotechnology companies at each and every preclinical or clinical step.


Cell Therapy

As co-founder of MasThercell, a Contract Manufacturing Organization focused on the cell-based ATMPs (Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products) manufacturing, Didier has studied this specific fast growing market, products and applications in depth.