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A new Belgian spin-off is born : Synabs S.A.

SynAbs was set up in September 2015 out of Professor Pierre Gianello’s experimental surgery laboratory (CHEX) in order to develop greater expertise in the production of monoclonal antibodies, essentially of rats but also of mice.


The UCL spin-off was set up as a result of coordinated action by the laboratory, the Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO), Wallonia Biotech Coaching and a French group, Biotech Investissement (which owns RD Biotech and Diaclone). The equity investment by Biotech Investissement (based in Besançon, France) was decisive in validating the business plan. This group provides services to biopharmaceutical companies and produces custom monoclonal antibodies. The complementary nature of the two entities, SynAbs and Biotech Investissement, will make it possible to consolidate SynAbs’s activity in Belgium and to expand its sales network in France and the Netherlands. This partnership, the key element in setting up the spin-off, was also possible thanks to the partnership between the LTTO and Wallonia Biotech Coaching (WBC), the incubator for life sciences in Wallonia. Thanks to WBC, the SynAbs project has benefited from the CxO measure for «orphan» projects which meant that a business mentor could be recruited for the final phases of setting up the company. The work by Didier Argentin, the business mentor assigned by WBC to SynAbs and now the CEO of the spin-off, was decisive in establishing the collaboration with Biotech Investissement.


SynAbs SA is currently involved in the production of rat monoclonal antibodies, serving CROs (mAb and custom immunoassays) and with a product catalogue (more than a hundred secondary anti-immunoglobulins) and has gained strong international recognition which its founders (Pierre Gianello, Yannick Nizet and Didier Argentin) wish to increase further. This «rat mAb» expertise is almost unique in the world and offers access to a differentiated antigen repertoire. SynAbs currently has 4 scientists working for it, has 130 m2 of production laboratories and expects to generate earnings of 1 million euro in the short term.

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Biotech Consult appointed as Amhyspin CxO by Wallonia Biotech Coaching

Biotech Consult has been granted a CxO mandate by the Wallonia Biotech Coaching (WBC) incubator. This financial support will help the first spin-off project called AMHYSPIN - emerging from CECOTEPE / Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège - towards its full incorporation. The proper creation of the company is planned in January 2014.

Geoffrey Holsbeek, AMHYSPIN project leader and future CEO, declared: " we’re delighted by the granting of this mandate, which is partially subsidized by the Walloon Region, particularly because it brings an experienced manager - Didier Argentin from Biotech Consult - in the team ".

Serge Pampfer, CEO of WBC, is equally enthusiastic, saying " AMHYSPIN has developed a unique and proprietary technology enabling to boost the stability and productivity of valuable antibody-producing hybridoma cells and we are eager to help enhance the managerial capabilities of its team with the idea of speeding up the AMHYSPIN service platform towards the market ".

This CxO mandate is the second one awarded by WBC to Biotech Consult. The first mandate was dedicated to the spin-outting of CellTis, a subsidiary of the Liege-based company BIOPTIS that will be specifically focused on veterinary regenerative medicine.


About Amhyspin

AMHYSPIN is a spin-off emerging from «Centre de Coopération Technique et Pédagogique» (CECOTEPE), the research centre associated to the Haute École de la Province de Liège. AMHYSPIN has developed innovative technologies that increase the profitability of hybridoma cell lines producing monoclonal antibodies. After treatment, on the one hand, hybridoma cells secrete much longer thanks to stabilization and on the other hand, their production capabilities are multiplied. The whole « regeneration process » keeping the structure and potency of the mAb unchanged.

Contact : Geoffrey Holsbeek,,


About Wallonia Biotech Coaching

Created in 2006, WBC is the bio-incubator of the French-speaking Region of Belgium.

Its main mission is to assist operationally and financially biotech companies (spin-offs, spin-outs, start-ups) throughout their creation and growth stages. WBC brings together complementary competencies to support and accelerate the industrial and business challenges of the value chain model that emerging products and services companies need to overcome towards their respective markets. WBC helps companies developing bio-medical, environmental and agri-food applications as well as medical devices and life sciences-based systems and solutions.

Contact : Serge Pampfer,,

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Biotech Consult is accreditated as SCE by the Walloon Export Agency (Awex)

The « Agence wallonne à l'Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers (AWEX) » was founded in 2004 and is today a 450 people strong departement of the Walloon Region promoting export and foreign investments in Walloonia.


Biotech Consult has been succesfully assessed on October 2012 by a board of Awex, institutional and industrial delegates and has been officially accreditated as “Foreign Trade Expert by Awex” (Spécialiste en Commerce extérieur agréé par l’Awex) on March 19, 2013.


The accreditation of Biotech Consult scs has been agreed for the European Union, Switzerland and the United States and in the expertise fields of biotechnologies, medical, hospital as well as pharmaceutical sectors.


This SCE accreditation enables walloon SMEs to benefit from a business expert during several months for interim or general export management, e.g. dedicated market and propection studies, participation to fairs,… these missions being granted at an average level of 50% of the expert costs.


See details on the web site of the AWEX

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Biotech Consult at Bioproduction, Paris, Feb 13-14 and BIO, Chicago, April 22-25, a business opportunity for your company

Biotech Consult will soon participate to 2 major biotech events, one being the well-known BIO, taking place this year in Chicago and gathering the worldwide biotech community. As usual, the Belgian booth will welcome the Belgian delegation, with access to the BIO-partnering meetings, an excellent platform where Biotech Consult can represent your company for business or market study purposes.

Closer to us, the B4B-Connection Bioproduction event located in the " Genocentre d'Evry" is the place to be to get access to the major French actors. Have a look at or contact us for more information.

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Biotech Consult has been successfully assessed by PNP Manager on behalf of Wallonia Biotech Coaching in October 2012.

Created in 2006, the Wallonia Biotech Consult (WBC) is the bio-incubator of the French-speaking Region of Wallonia in Belgium.


Its main mission is to assist biotech companies (spin-offs, spin-outs, start-ups) both operationaly and financially during their creation and growth stages, through its experts network. This network brings together complementary skills in the management of intellectual property and patents, human resources, business development, regulatory affairs, marketing and finance.


The services provided by WBC cover :

• Funding of market research and business development

• Leasing contracts for new equipment

• Funding of assessment and training for managers and directors

• Exploration of technological partnerships and business deals

• Funding of patent estate consolidation and prototypes

• Access to (temporary) office space during the launch phase