The network of Biotech Consult

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Biotech Consult has various domains of expertise in its network :


RLM Consulting, René Mignolet,

RLM Consulting provides regulatory affairs support at all stages of product development, from discovery research through preclinical and clinical testing, up to and beyond submission of the dossier for marketing authorization.



Zythum, Nicolas Havelange,

Zythum is a consulting company specializing in red and white biotechnology. Zythum has extensive experience in biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing in mammalian and microbial expression systems and offers consulting services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies in process development, cGMP manufacturing, CMOs management, project management and business development.



BnHbiotech, Alex Bollen

BnHbiotech is a management and consulting company providing for scientific, management and IT support to early stage biotech companies, benefiting from the academic career of Alex ( Applied Genetics Laboratory, Brussels University) as well as industrial (CEO, Henogen).



Xibios, Philippe Stroot,

The services offered by Xibios cover a variety of aspects of biosafety, more specifically linked to:

• biosafety management and biorisk management programmes

• technical guidance on the multiple aspects of biosafety management, including risk assessment, facility design and biosecurity

• regulatory support

• auditing

• training